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Unlock Your Climbing Potential with Expert Guidance

Unlock your climbing potential with expert guidance. Are you ready to take your climbing skills to new heights? Look no further! Borja, a seasoned Exercise Physiologist with 14 years of rock-climbing experience, is here to help you achieve your climbing goals. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your climbing journey or a seasoned climber aiming for peak performance, Borja’s specialised services cater to climbers of all levels.

Services Offered:

1. Exercise Physiology for Climbers: Gain insight into the science behind climbing performance and optimise your training regimen for maximum results.

2. Rehabilitation for Climbers: Recover from injuries effectively with tailored rehabilitation programs designed specifically for climbers.

3. Climbing-Specific Finger Injuries Rehabilitation: Overcome finger injuries with targeted rehabilitation techniques tailored to climbers’ unique needs.

4. Climbing-Specific Shoulder Injuries Rehabilitation: Rehabilitate shoulder injuries with specialised protocols aimed at restoring strength and mobility essential for climbing.

5. Climbing-Specific Elbow and Tendon Injuries Rehabilitation: Heal elbow and tendon injuries with expert guidance on climbing-specific rehabilitation exercises.

6. Online High-Performance Programs: Access Borja’s expertise from anywhere with online high-performance training programs customised to your individual needs.

7. Online Exercise Programs for Beginners: Kickstart your climbing journey with online exercise programs designed specifically for beginners, guiding you through the fundamentals of climbing fitness.

Why Choose Borja?

  • Experience: With 14 years of rock-climbing experience and expertise in exercise physiology, Borja brings a unique blend of practical and scientific knowledge to his services.
  • Specialisation: Borja’s focus on climbing-specific rehabilitation and high-performance training ensures that you receive targeted guidance tailored to your climbing aspirations.
  • Personalised Approach: Each program is customised to suit your individual needs and goals, ensuring optimal progress and results.

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